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A mom, a dancer, a sister, a friend; we all have many facets to our lives and these are some of mine.  With them come several nicknames: my family calls me Line, and in my dancer world I am called Kali.

Sometimes things happen in life over which we have no control.  I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer; this is not a club I wanted to be a member of, yet here I am.

So what can one do?  There isn’t a choice really.  Stuff happens and you deal with it.  You learn what you can about your situation and you go at it.  There’s no time to waste.

The “Kali” part of me says I am going grab as much control as I can, kick it (cancer) to the curb, and dance on it’s ashes.   So, here we go.

“When you fall, make it part of the dance.”



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