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Angels amongst us

Angels around us

In a dark world we shine our light and gravitate towards those that shine a light back to us. The everyday life is filled with small interactions of kindness and consideration, spreading a little warmth between smiles.

Someone at work happened upon an ad for wigs, she thought of me and emailed the link. I knew that I *should* get a wig, but had made no effort to do so. So, I replied to the ad, contacted the person, and we made arrangements to meet the next afternoon.

I was surprised to meet a very young woman; and she had survived 3 years of chemotherapy. She had survived and was now 3 years into recovery. And – she wanted to give away her wigs to a chemo patient who needed them! These are expensive items, and she just wanted to pass them along to help out another person. She told me how to care for them, tips for wearing them, and I came home with 2 wigs – a long and a short one. This beautiful young mom was certainly inspiring to me.

Then today, several friends had a laying on of hands & a prayer circle for me. This truly touched my heart and left me feeling uplifted and strong. I know I am heading into a battle, but I know more and more every day that I am not walking alone.

Let’s not forget the angels at work around us, even on the simplest of days.

When life brings its difficulties as it always will, then those moments of light and thoughtfulness become ever more meaningful.   They shine a light reminding us what to focus on – the goodness and positive parts of our life.

I’m feeling grateful, and feeling blessed.IMG_0595-001


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