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There are few miseries worse than being cold. I don’t tolerate it well at all and it makes me a tired miserable grump. When chilled to the bone, it doesn’t matter how many layers are piled on top; cold is cold.

So imagine my delight when Julie brought me to Renown hospital for day surgery and we entered a cozy warm waiting room.

The decision had been made to have a port put in through which I will get the chemotherapy; this will save me from having to get an IV each time I have a session.   The port is a small device placed under the skin with a tube that extends into a nearby large vein. This surgery only takes about an hour, with an hour for recovery. Many of the medical staff remarked “oh you will love having this port!” or words to that affect; and I wanted to say in return “NO, I won’t love this. I don’t want to need this” yet instead I smiled and nodded. I know what they meant, and they meant well.

They called my name from the waiting room and as we entered through the double doors I mentioned that I hoped it was as pleasant and warm on the other side. “It won’t be” she remarked as the cold air hit my face. – sigh –

I had some delightful nurses that laughed and joked along with us. I was given a paper gown to change into, along with a pair of dark blue non-skid socks (Go Wolfpack!) I was already cold, and looked at this flimsy paper dress, and asked “you do have blankets though, right?” Julie said “You’d better get her four.” The nurse said, “oh we’ll just hook you up to the heater, you’ll be fine.”

Heater??  Hook me up to a heater??  Had I already died and gone to heaven?  She showed us where the paper gown had a plastic connector, and there was what looked like a vacuum tube coming out of the wall which connected to it.   She then left the room for me to prepare for my fashion show.

I hurriedly put on my new favorite dress. Julie helped me get that tube attached, and the warm air started gently filling the space between the two-ply paper of the gown. Oh my, what a nice and cozy feeling! This dress even had pockets; for what I don’t know, but there they were! Feeling like an astronaut, I moonwalked to my bed, held my heat controller –on high – and laid down with a smile. “I want one of these.”

Pre-op was buzzing with busyness as everyone had their job to do in preparation for the surgery, and each one had to ask me the same questions. The anesthesiologist (who I suspect had tasted some of his meds because he mumbled and his mouth didn’t move) said something about me going to get goofy. The nurses and Julie responded with “Going to?”

I was ready. Bring it on, whatever we need to do. I have my controller, and I’m warm, life is good.  🙂Favourite Dress


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