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The first order of business in laying out a plan of action is to know what you are facing, know all the details. I had the diagnosis of breast cancer with one lab test still pending, but needed to know that there were no surprises anywhere else, no ninja tumors hiding in my muffin top for instance… and thus several scans were ordered to check me over, top to bottom.

Life had become hectic as this was right after the Thanksgiving weekend, the schedulers worked really hard to get appointments booked as close together as possible and as soon as possible, and to top it all off my car was in the shop with a vague “no working” problem.   It was only Monday.

Try as I might to keep a positive outlook, that just wasn’t happening on Monday. I don’t know if it was the cold gloomy weather or what; but the fears of “what if” kept slithering in under the doors of my optimistic spirit that day.   I was cold sitting in the hospital waiting room, shivering against the unknown.

Then my phone rang. I was in between two tests and it was the car mechanic calling. I wearily answered it, and was greeted with a hearty “Hello! Erik here, and it’s your lucky day!”

This made me giggle and I responded “Well, it’s about flippin time!”

And it was a lucky day.   The car needed the timing belt replaced, nothing else. Then, my doctor called with the final lab results (- – +), and by the next morning all these scans showed no more cancer anywhere else.

Yes, it was my lucky day. I guess I needed that reminder. I now know everything that I am facing, everything that needs to be battled. It’s been defined and I am determined to fight and win.


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