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It was a week before Thanksgiving when I got biopsy results that showed cancer, and my whole world got turned upside down.
It doesn’t have hormone receptors, there’s no history of cancer in my family, and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. It didn’t show on the mammogram, or exam. Yet there it is. A small tumor that has already spread cancer to the first lymph node.

So, now I have been to the oncologist, and yesterday to the hospital to have a port put in. I had a full body scan to look for cancer anywhere else, and that didn’t find anything new. I now know exactly what I am up against. Chemo therapy first to stop it spreading and reduce the tumor, then radiation, then .. ugh … surgery. This is what the team feels is the best course of action. Its all new to me, and as I try to educate myself on the whole subject, it seems like sound advice.

I was very frightened at first, but now that I know exactly what this is, I think I am ready for this battle. In fact, I’m more than a little pissed off. I was enjoying a couple months of carefree happiness – new job, happy kids, true friends. Simple pleasures! Then this. Sucker-punched, in a ‘sneak up from behind’ kind of attack.

Well, watch my head bob as I warn “oh no you didn’t!” because I am ready to kick some ass.


2 thoughts on “Blindsided

  1. We are almost on the same timeline– I was diagnosed Dec. 5th. I’ve been overwhelmed by how quickly things start to happen. It’s almost impossible to process. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I pray that by next Christmas we’ll both be on the other side of this. Sending you strength and hope, and above all, health.


    • Thank you Kristen; it sure is a staggering experience isn’t it. I’m grateful that we have these kinds of forums to be able to share and support one another.
      ..and Christmas 2015 *will* see us (probably wiping a brow) saying “whew!” and standing triumphant 🙂


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